100% Natural Craft Beer?

Have you ever thought that beer is bad for you ? If so, think again and keep reading...

Not all beers are the same and we like to think ours is different. There is a shift in consumer longings and as we want to tailor our product to people's needs, we created a beer that perfectly fits these latter, namely one that is 100% natural. A question pops up in your mind: "Can beer actually be healthy?" We like to believe the affirmative. Of course, nothing is too good for you unless consumed in moderation so we encourage our consumers to enjoy L7 responsibly.

L7 is proud to offer a 100% natural beer to its consumers, made from natural and organic ingredients farmed in sustainable conditions. We wouldn’t sell something we would not consume ourselves - we drink it regularly and we’re glad to reveal that we are perfectly fine and healthy.


We only make use of what Mother Nature put at our disposal - 3 grains, 3 hops and a secret ingredient is all there is behind our recipe. No chemicals, colorants, flavoring or preservatives are added to our beer— L7 is 100% natural. The same applies to the C02 in the beer, which we allow to build up naturally during the second fermentation process in the bottle.


L7 goes one step further by introducing high standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability to their production. This includes reducing waste water in the brewery, reusing yeast, and having bottle labels printed directly onto the bottle by only using eco-friendly techniques. The beer itself is also produced using 95% organically farmed ingredients and is completely free of additives and chemicals – tasteful and good for you, some say it is the best craft experience they have ever had. Once bottled, L7 has an enviable 2-year shelf life.

The good news? The less chemicals passes in your body, the less you will feel the signs of a hangover the next day. Here's to having your cake and eat it too!

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