Just another 'quality' beer? We believe it's not!


'Premium' and 'quality' are words that are thrown around a lot lately, but what exactly defines quality? Is it simply the use of so-called 'quality' ingredients, therefore superior than the norm? Or is the quality found in the manufacturing process of our consumables? The dimensions of quality can be various.

What we can tell you is that L7 takes all aspects of quality to heart - we make sure every single bottle delivered has gone through several quality controls so that the taste, packaging and lastingness of our beer are always consistent with our consumers expectations.

We strive for quality because it is the essence of craft - we don't do mass production, our bottles are not assembly-lined. Our craft beer is produced in a small brewery (and we love it like that!), which we take pride in. Every single step of our production process is hand-crafted, from the selection of ingredients, to the brewing of the beer to the final packaging.

The ingredients chosen in our recipe are carefully selected from natural, organic and sustainable farming in order to acquire the distinctive flavor we achieve with every batch.

One of the ways of measuring the quality of our beer is by simply observing its shelf life. As we are big on hygiene, we do not allow bacteria to come into contact with our beer, which gives L7 an enviable 2 year shelf life compared with many other craft beers who do not last 3 months on shelf. If you haven't tried L7 yet, now is the time - have a sip and taste our differential feature, namely quality (in the broadest sense!). Cheers!

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