Why "Leopold7"?

Many people ask us why "Leopold7"? What does it mean? Who is this Leopold? It seems to be an intriguing name for many - which we quite like actually. If you are going to ask questions about us, the odds are you won’t forget us, which is a good thing. But, we'd rather provide you with the real story and how it all started.


Our story begins circa 1859 in the small rural Belgian town of Marsinne. To call it a one-horse town would be accurate save for the fact that the only equine animal for 20 miles around was a one-eyed, three-legged donkey. Within this cradle of picturesque yet uninspiring pastoralism lived a rebellious and ambitious youth by the name of Leopold. Hailing from a long line of prosperous dairy farmers, Leopold was always one to go against the grain and took every possible opportunity to forsake his dairy farmer destiny. Soon after his 18th birthday, Leopold’s love of girls, friendship and good cheer led him to the act of amateur beer brewing as a means to acquire this hedonistic trifecta. Noble Leopold began a heritage of brewing excellence that has carried on for close to 150 years.

The L7 brewery in Marsinne

Now, with two of the founding partners living in Belgium and one in Cape Town South Africa, Leopold’s dream of bringing his beer to the country that inspired it can finally be achieved. A new local brewery is planned on being established in Cape Town in the near future. Our goal? To conquer the hearts of every beer connoisseur in a country known for its love of beer.

Within the Mother City’s fine craft-beer womb, L7 will apply master Leopold’s age-old secret on new soil, a South-African brewed beer with Leopold’s special Belgian touch.

Founders of the L7 Brand - Marquis Brown (left) & Alexandre Tilmans (right)


And what about number 7? What does it stand for? Pretty simple! L7 is made from 7 delicious, natural, organic and quality ingredients – namely 3 grains, 3 hops and 1 secret ingredient....which we call the Leopold Touch.

Photo Credits : Melissa Cucci - Ceramic art by Ceramic Matters for the Leopold7 Launch


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