Some call it beer, we call it Art!

To all the art lovers out there, here's a little treat for your eyes.

Last year, while we were increasingly partnering with different art galleries, we got the chance to meet with many South-African artists, all of which - okay, most of which - really enjoyed their first experience with our beer. As a result, we invited them to express how they pictured L7 through art. One could think it is not an easy task but all of the involved artists managed to come up with a unique and original piece that represents our beer.

We've already shared a little piece of our love for art through the launch of the Baz-Art foundation, but this is a whole other way of being involved in the art scene. This time, the art itself represents our beer. Each and every one of the following artworks embodies L7 according to the conception the artists made for themselves. The pieces range from a cool box to a backpack, to a growler, and many more. In 2016, 3 of them were selected by the team of 100% Design South Africa to be added in their 100 Most Beautiful Objects Exhibition.

Wanting to explore L7 beyond the beer experience? Please have a look and let us know your thoughts! Should you have questions, feel free to drop us an email at

Time in Between - ceramic by Chantel Woodman - R 12.000 (2 pieces)

Chantel Woodman is a Cape Town based artist and designer, with a multidisciplinary background in design, sculpture and metalsmithing. This diverse skill-set has culminated in a unique and experimental approach to ceramics. The results are phenomenal, leading to a unique style that has caught the attention of many. Woodman engages in an inquisitive process of pushing the boundaries of the material properties of various metals and clay; discovering the tensions between the visible and invisible. She draws inspiration from urban design and architecture. She has exhibited through galleries and design shows in New York City and Germany and is one of South Africa's most renowned ceramicists. 'Time in Between' brings out the green color and the triangular shapes of the origami design on the L7 bottle.

Cool Box - by Laurie Wiid - R 6.400

Wiid Design's work is born in a conceptual and artistic environment. The angle is on various topics of contemporary culture, with a focus on traditional handcrafting in combination with innovative techniques. By combining handcrafting and specialist techniques, Wiid transforms materials into life-enriching, durable pieces of art. The fact that he’s been a finalist nominee in the Absolut Visi Designer of the year competition (2011) in the Emerging Designer category and that he’s exhibited at international design fairs such as 100% Design in London, Design Days Dubai, Design Basel in Switzerland and Design Miami in the US, shows the quality and attention to detail Laurie Wiid presents in his work. The 'Cool Box' he's created for L7 is the perfect tool to keep your bottles cool with style!

Table - by Paul Senyol, Aurbanski and Pedersen + Lennard - R 120.000

All artists joined forces to put together this unique materpiece. Senyol designed the inspirational quadrangles, bringing out the origami design of the L7 bottle, which are surrounded by Urbanski's erratic multicolored shapes, while Pedersen & Lennard are to thank for the making of the table itself.

Paul Senyol

Born in 1980 in Cape town, South Africa, Senyol claims that “the neighbourhood speaks for itself.” He is often seduced by the scratchings of a streetwalker. He likes it when kids take a piece of chalk and write on the wall, which is often the case around his home and studio in Woodstock.

Andrzej Urbanski

“I believe I can be better than a machine.” The street flows through Urbanski’s veins. His days of full-time train bombing back in Berlin, where he started writing in his teens, have given way to a new era in which he creates large, shimmering, optically-bending spaces, composed of the architectural squares, triangles and hexagons of today’s contemporary-built environment.

Pedersen + Lennard

Luke Pedersen and James Lennard met while they were studying Industrial Design at the Cape Technikon in 2003. After a few more years of studying and travelling, they decided to establish their furniture business in 2008. Owing to their hard-headed decision to do their own production, they quickly found themselves forced to be immersed in every aspect of the business from design through to assembly, packaging and sometimes delivery. "The beauty of not having a clearly marked out plan are all of the surprises along the way."

Growler - by Ceramic Matters - R 2.775

Anthony and Gerhard studied together at The Johannesburg Art College. Their respective backgrounds in Fine Art, Printmaking and Ceramics, form a good base for designing and manufacturing at Ceramic Matters.

Their work reflects their traditions, personal interests, history and present environment; incorporating the natural and domestic. It consists of units/modules that embrace a creative idea. The growler they designed for L7 once again brings out the colors and shapes of our beer bottle. It is a truly beautiful and durable object that can be used to carry beer as well as all sorts of contents such as olive oil, for instance.

BackPack - by Chapel - R 1.695

Chapel was started by Caleb Pedersen in 2009. They produce elegant leather and canvas products in their studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. All materials used are sourced locally and their products reach high quality standards. The designs are refined, unique and original, as well as contemporary. This backpack was especially designed for L7. The two front pockets are meant to carry L7 bottles without the inconvenience of hearing the bottles bang against each other in your bag. Are you looking for a stylish, yet technical and practical bag? Don't look any further, this one will meet your expectations!

6 Pack Bottle Carrier - by Dark Horse - R 1.395

Dark Horse was born from a rebellious passion and ambition to shake up the status quo. Jarrad and Lise Nelson are a husband and wife team, who respectively studied architecture and interior design in Johannesburg. After many years of working on a variety of projects, adventure called and they set off to travel across the UK and Europe - Meeting, seeing, living. “Adventure, the unexpected, and drive to connect” has always been with them. The color of the leather they picked for the 6 pack bottle carrier brings out the amber color of L7, while its delicacy highlights the softness of the foam.

Napkins' design - by Atang Tshikare - R 300 (6 pieces)

Zabalazaa Designs is an independent studio specializing in surface design and illustration. As a studio, they are an open platform for co-creation and innovation, applying creative design-led thinking. They are passionate about their work and understand how to make use of creativity to meet the visions and expectations of their clients and co-creators. Under the creative direction of Atang Tshikare, they create custom products and apply Zabalazaa Designs and illustrations to a range of products and surfaces. Their application of surface design is wide and they firmly believe that the best way to create exceptional work is by truly understanding their clients; by listening and working together for the best results. The napkins' pattern was designed especially for us as a representation of the source of creative thinking that is behind L7.

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