The World We Create

Have you ever wondered while on the road, stood in a queue or taking a city stroll:

What kind of a world are we meant to create?

The short and sweet of it is:

Anything but that giant billboard, subliminally blocking our view.

They are effective, that's for certain.

From our favorite soda cans diving off the supermarket shelf like a row of spandex clad Olympians into our baskets and trolleys, to the latest celebrity pin up flogging their own perfume or a Designer’s life long ambition to brand our waists and nether regions.

But when last did you see your local plumber step out of the corner shop and prop himself up, nonchalantly, against the lamp post, gazing at nothing but the clouds with narrowing eyes.

His comb-over, windswept and interesting and stopping lunch hour traffic as he seduces passers-by, near caressing an ice cold, plastic cola bottle with a pair of pouted lips wrapped round the straw, desperately trying to lick up the Salt&Vinegar crumbs trailing down his double chin before grabbing hold of that darn Designer who had been brown nosing their way into his back pocket and cheeks all morning, until finally getting hold of Mister Klein by the lip and jerking him back up?

The truth of the matter is, the world we are trying to create - already exists. It does not need reinvention or another hidden agenda masking a lack of imagination.

Our world is the one we both inhabit along with the other 56million South Africans out there, the one we are all trying to better, one day at a time.

The one, if you dare look beyond the billboard, will start to emerge and reveal itself for all of its colours and imperfections.

The one that is touchable, tangible and alive as we speak. From National Art Festivals to your local City Fringe. On stage at Comedy clubs, up close and personal or on fire across the Silver Screen. From Jazz to House, Food to Craft and among crowds rustling loose the winter's pine needle floors all around the foot of Table Mountain.

From the Woodstock Foundry to Zeitz’s new MOCAA, Momo, Salon91 and a 100% Design. Our shared world can be seen from canvas to wall, wall to canvas from Salt River to Bo-Kaap and as far as Soweto and the Kalashnikovv Gallery. And no grey stone shall ever remain unturned, untouched or without a splash of paint or colour tone.

You’re in good company, Ladies and Gentleman.

So keep an eye on this space - not the billboard.


Photo credit MOCAA_Iwan Baan

Photo credit Artists_ Melissa Cucci

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