3 Peaks Fun Challenge - 5 th edition

Capetonians as a rule have a passionate appreciation for the mountains that encompass their city, every vantage point offering a more impressive view of the towering peaks of Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head. But it’s one thing to gaze up at them in admiration, and another to take on the challenge of actually climbing them.

If you’re not a seasoned hiker though, where do you start, and what would it take to conquer all three in just three days? Enter L7 Craft Beer and our initiative to put the fun into that very exciting challenge.

Now in it’s fourth year, L7 Craft Beer has just hosted the fifth 3 Peaks Fun Challenge, inviting amateur hikers of all ages and abilities to climb Cape Town's favourite 3 peaks in just three days, namely Lion's Head, Devil's Peak and Table Mountain. Don’t be alarmed if you happened to miss the April edition, we’re doing it all again in mid-September.

It’s important to note that this event is not a race or a competition, but an invitation to take up a personal challenge against yourself and join a group that ranges from children to grandparents, for an organised walk up each mountain. Free of charge, part of the incentive is to create a social event that encourages participants to meet fellow hikers, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts.

It is also a great opportunity for Capetonians to get active in our beautiful city, without the stress of competitiveness, rather just keeping the focus on having relaxed and much deserved fun in our mountains.

The concept is simple; climb Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head, which is exactly what hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts did this weekend - all with a big smile on their face. To add diversity, the 3 peak event line-up included a afterwork-time hike of Lion’s Head, an early start to climb Devil’s Peak and an afternoon hike up Table Mountain.

With a ‘friends of friends are more than welcome’ approach, a snake like trail of brightly clad hikers could be seen from across the city bowl, drawing envy and interest from those watching from below. A sense of excited achievement prevailed as individuals summited, some for the first time, to stand proud that they had made it! They took time to admire the aerial perspective the climb had awarded before making their way back down.

It makes sense that such an all-inclusive fun event would be organised by L7. Beleiving in nature and sustainability in all aspects of life , we take great pride in organising this bi-annual event, giving of our dynamic human resources to cheer, support and encourage, as well as share in the celebration with a cold beer at the end of each day.

We are very proud that what started out as a fun challenge between friends has successfully grown into a community of over 1600 individuals actively taking part in the conversation online and on our city’s beautiful hiking trails.

Ever considerate of the varied levels of fitness, if all three summits seem to be out of reach for one weekend, hikers were welcome to join in on any one of the three days. This is a personal, fun challenge and everyone is free to hike the peaks at their own pace, after all the main focus is about enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

The L7 Craft Beer team is known to act on their ideas and we led by example summiting all three mountains ourselves. There were laughs and helping hands, supportive words and moments of wonder, and above all a sense of community as the crowd simply had fun in our beautiful city.

The excitement was palpable and the laughter and delight infectious as hikers of all ages, from grandparents to young children and pets, accomplished enthusiasts and novices put the fun back into being on the mountains. A group of like minded people joined together to celebrate their love for nature.

At the end of each hike we gathered en masse to enjoy a cold refreshing L7 Craft Beer. Not much could be more suited as we all know; great moments deserve a great beer. We were proud to mark the end of each hike with a 100% natural, organic and sustainably produced L7 beer, sealing the camaraderie of days well spent.

It’s the most fun you can have in your hiking boots.

Don’t be too worried if you never made the fifth edition, as there will be a sixth in mid September. Keep an eye on the event Facebook page

https://www.facebook.com/3peaksfunchallenge/ for updates and sign up at https://www.leopold7.co.za/3-peaks-fun-challenge to ensure you don’t miss it.

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