3 Peaks Fun Challenge - on World Animal day

Here’s what you need to know about the Three Peaks Fun Challenge

L7 Craft Beer and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is happy to announce a new edition of the 3 Peaks Fun Challenge starting on World Animal day, the weekend of October 4th. Join us for an adventure of epic proportions as we tackle three mountains, in three days while showing support for the wonderful work of the SPCA in the Cape. ( register here and get your official T-shirt here ).

For those of you who have answered the call of adventure and accepted this awesome challenge before, you will know that this is not a race. It’s a fun, social challenge to the top of each Cape Town iconic peak with breath-taking views and great company.

How We Started

With its three mythical mountains surrounding the city, Cape Town enjoys a strategic geographical location for sporting activity. With a flourishing community of runners seeking out sport events or new challenges to accomplish, our Challenge offers a unique opportunity for sport and nature lovers to climb all three peaks in one weekend. What started out as a fun challenge between friends has successfully grown into 8 public events and a community of over 1,600 individuals actively taking part in the conversation online and on our city’s beautiful hiking trails.

The Concept

The concept of the Three Peaks Challenge is simple - climb Lion’s Head, Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain in three days, on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October respectively. If all three summits seem to be out of reach for one weekend, you’re welcome to join in on any one of the three days. This is a personal, fun challenge and everyone is free to hike the peaks at their own pace. We plan to meet at the bottom and at the top of each mountain before and after each hike. We’ll head up Lion's Head on Friday afternoon, followed by Devil's Peak on Saturday morning and then Table Mountain on Sunday morning. Friends, parents, children and pets are welcome to join us on this fun challenge. After the challenge is complete, we welcome all participants to celebrate this great moment. As we all know, great moments deserve a great beer and we are proud to celebrate this moment with L7 Craft Beer – a 100% natural and sustainably produced beer. It will also be the moment to support our partner the SPCA who will make available branded peak caps, t-shirts or a sports scarf in support of Wildlife in the Cape ( at R500 ).

8th Edition (4, 5 & 6 October)

The 8th edition of the Three Peaks Challenge will take place on 4th, 5th & 6th October. Participation and registration is free and we invite the public to come out to enjoy the outdoors in our beautiful city with a growing community of sport enthusiasts, nature lovers and some awesome beer. All are welcome!

4th October: Lion’s Head: 5:00 pm followed by social gathering: 7:30pm

5th October: Devil's Peak: 08:30am followed by social gathering: 12:30pm

6th October: Table Mountain: 08:30am followed by social gathering: 11:30am

Free registration here

To support the wonderful work of the SPCA, official T-Shirts marking World Animal Day can also be purchased prior to the event and distributed during the after party. All proceeds will go towards the worthy cause of supporting the SPCA’s work in protecting animals, rescuing them from harm and caring for them.

We appreciate all support and look forward to seeing you there!

The 3 Peaks fun Challenge Team

The L7 Team

The SPCA Team

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